paragraph variation #1

paragraph#1 the peter principle by laurence j. peter pg 216

When I was a boy I was taught that the men upstairs knew what they were doing. I was told, “Peter, the more you know, the further you go.” So I stayed in school until I graduated from college and then went forth into the world clutching firmly these ideas and my new teaching certificate. During the first year of teaching I was upset to find that a number of teachers, school principals, supervisors and superintendents appeared to be unaware of their professional responsibilities and incompetent in executing their duties. For example my principal’s main concerns were that all window shades be at the same level, that classrooms should be quiet and that no one step on or near the rose beds. The superintendent’s main concerns were that no minority group, no matter how fanatical, should ever be offended and that all official forms be submitted on time. The children’s education appeared farthest from the administrator mind.

When i was a boy i was brought up to abide by the rules. I was told, “Dillan, you need to mind your manners and dont do anything you think might get you in trouble.” So i decided i wouldn’t do graffiti while I was living under their roof, and waited until i moved to Saint Louis with all my artistic creativity. During the first piece i painted i was upset to find that some things weren’t as easy as I had thought, like the painting, area, avoiding other people, and took a lot of practice to overcome. For example I couldn’t paint during the day time so it was hard to see, and was it risky being in the city by myself at that time of night. my paint was dripping and the colors were hard to make out in the dark and cars kept scaring me with their headlights. My amazing art pieces seemed so unachievable to me after that experience.

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i am 19 and transferred to Lindenwood from SLU.
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